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Why are we different and more expensive? Honestly, it’s because we are the best.

After 18 years and over 1,500 brides, Marjie Martini decided to bring together the very best wedding hair stylist and makeup artists that she has ever worked with. The Collective is a group of amazing hair and makeup artists that Marjie has personally hand-picked. Each stylist was selected because she has watched them display not only incredible talent, but also the professional and personal communication skills required to give each client exactly the vision they want of themselves. Plus, we deliver everything on time and in a professional manner.

From your first email, Marjie will help you select the best stylist for your style and personality, as well as for your friends and family. We not only love what we do, we are passionate about beauty – the inner beauty of each woman is what we strive to bring to the surface. We can make any woman “look” pretty, but what we really do is make every woman “feel” beautiful.


To help understand the level of experience of our team;
  • Platinum Stylist: 15+ years or more expertise in the industry, completion of over 1,000 weddings, specializes in both hair and makeup.
  • Gold Stylist: 10 years or more expertise in the industry, completion of over 500 weddings, specializes in both hair and makeup.
  • Silver Plus Stylist: 5 years or more expertise in the industry, completion of over 250 weddings, specializes in hair or makeup, or both.
  • Silver Stylist: 5 years or more expertise in the industry, completion of over 100 weddings, specializes in hair or makeup.
  • Bronze Stylist: 5 years or more expertise in the industry, completion of under 100 weddings, specializes in either hair or makeup.


wedding hair and makeup

“I was in my girlfriend’s wedding a few months before my own. It was chaos, right from the start. The hair/makeup stylists were unprofessional, under skilled and they were so slow. After 4 hours we were still not ready and ran over an hour late for the wedding. The Bride, Groom and photographer were all stressed and rushed, this set the tone for the whole night . . . Chaos! Afterwards my girlfriend (the bride) admitted that she should have spent less on her shoes and more money on her stylists, she regretted not hiring her first choice Marjie at the Funky Diva Collective. Well I didn’t make that mistake I wore flip flops and spent the cash on Marjie. My wedding day was a completely different experience, We were all done in 3 hours and looked amazing. We we actually dressed and ready to go early, it was a fun and relaxed day and I have never looked or FELT better in my life. My advice for future brides . . . you get what you pay for . . . so pay for the best and book Marjie and her team, beside everyone notices your head, no one even sees your shoes! “

Quote by: Sue Plaetford


Meet The Funky Diva Team

Marjie Martini

Founder/Manager of The Collective/Platinum Hair/Makeup Stylist

Marjie oversees all bookings, selecting the best stylist for each client and recruiting and training all the artists in the Collective.

More about Marjie

Roxann Wallace

Platinum Hair/Makeup Stylist

“I really love making people feel good about themselves and the satisfaction it brings to see someone truly happy with how they look and going through the transformation.”

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jenn headshot

Jenn Chivers

Platinum Hair/Makeup Stylist

“I don’t just want my clients to admire my work, making a woman look great is the easy part-I want her to feel she truly enjoyed sharing a special slice of her life with me, like she developed a personal connection with me that will last beyond the most beautiful hairstyle or makeup application.”

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Jill Suarez

Gold Hair/ Makeup Artist

“The greatest thing about my career is that the opportunity for growth never stops plus every person I meet is unique and its a honor to bring out the inner beauty in each individual person.”

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Clare headshot

Clare Priestland

Gold Hair/Makeup Stylist

“There is something magical about being part of a woman’s special day and watching their dreams come true. Enhancing a woman’s natural beauty is something I take great pride in.

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Lidia Baker

Gold Hair/Makeup Stylist

“I love when a woman looks into the mirror after her makeup application and goes: Wow! (with wide eyes and a big smile). That totally makes my day and makes me love even more what I do.”

More about Lidia

Nina Duval

Bronze Hair Stylist

“I love people and being able to be creative at work! This industry is amazing because there is always something new and fun to try. With everyone being so different I am never bored, everyday is a new challenge and adventure.”

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Cailey Collins

Bronze Hair Stylist

“When you see someone light up because they feel good about the way they look and know that you were a part of the reason for it, it’s a fun process.”

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Janis Bekkering

Platinum Hair/Makeup Stylist

“My belief is that confidence is radiant and contagious, I love to help a woman reach and stand in that space.”

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