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The collective shifted to Sayulita, Mexico 13 years ago to make brides beautiful oh their special day using professional hair and makeup applications.

Sayulita Specialists

It took years to find just the right combination of hair and skin products that kept hair from frizzing out and makeup from sliding due to the intense humidity, heat, and wind. As the creator of the collective says: “Mexico is a whole other ball game, nothing I use in North America works south of the border.” After 13 years in Mexico and hundreds of brides, the entire team of artists now have the skills to create flawless makeup and natural beachy hair that lasts from the “first look” until the very last tequila shot! Because everyone wants to look good all day and all night!

Testimonial from one of our clients:

“I was in my girlfriend’s wedding a few months before my own. It was chaos, right from the start. The hair/makeup stylists were unprofessional, under skilled and they were so slow. After 4 hours we were still not ready and ran over an hour late for the wedding. The Bride, Groom, and photographer were all stressed and rushed, this set the tone for the whole night . . . Chaos! My wedding day was a completely different experience, I hired the Funky Diva Collective. We were all done in 3 hours and looked amazing. We actually dressed and ready to go early, it was a fun and relaxed day and I have never looked or felt better in my life. My advice for future brides- you get what you pay for. So pay for the best and book Marjie and her team, besides everyone notices your head, no one even sees your shoes! “

Quote by: Sue Plaetford

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Services & Prices

Every Bride has a different budget, our wedding prices are designed to work with every ones budget. Our wedding prices range depending on the level of experience of each stylist. Check out our “how to make it work” section which explains how to receive discounts on our wedding prices and make your budget work for you!

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No matter what the occasion, a themed party or special night out. Or maybe your engagement photos or boudoir photos as a wedding gift. The artists at the collective can give you any look you are after from simple and natural to full-on glam!

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